Cash Flow Trader Virtually risk-free trades – Chuck Hughes profit on option spreads

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One of the reasons why Chuck Hughes Cash Flow
Trader is so successful is because Chuck strictly
LIMITS his risk.

How? With his buy-write (covered call) strategy.

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Buy-write trades are implemented by purchasing
stocks and selling related call options. The sale
of the call options reduces the cost basis of the
stock purchase and provides downside protection in
the event the stock declines in price.

But what it does most is MAKE a LOT of profitable trades.

That because Chuck often sells and resells the
options on his underlying stock over and over
again. He uses this strategy to produce a huge average

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recommendations risk-free for 90 days…

Best of all, there is very little work involved in
this strategy. When you accept a risk-free DEMO of
Chuck Cash Flow Trader service, you will get
specific instructions for implementing this
strategy week by week. You can then TEST the
trades in either a demo account or in small
amounts in a brokerage account?and then count
your profits.

If you have been trading for a while and haven
been making the consistent profits you expect and
want, then you might consider option spreads.

They are one of the most successful strategies
seven-time international trading champion Chuck
Hughes uses in his Cash Flow Trader advisory

Option spreads are created when you buy a call
option and simultaneously sell a call option on
the same stock, but with a higher strike price.
Your risk is strictly limited to the cost of the

The profit potential of option spreads is simply
astonishing, especially given the risks.

Here are some recent examples of the profits
posted to Chuck Hughes Cash Flow Trader?

+ 384.2% Profits:  On July 28, 2011, subscribers
netted $16,674.00 in potential profits by buying
an Apple Jan 12 240 call while selling an Apple
Jan 12 400 call, a gain of 384.2%!

+ 595.7% Profits:  On July 8, 2011, subscribers
netted $9,888.00 in potential profits by buying
the VMW Jan 12 50 call and selling the VMW Jan 12
110 call, a gain of 595.7%!

+ 739.1% Profits:  Also on July 8, 2011, subscribers
netted $20,510.00 in potential profits by buying a
Salesforce Jan 12 65 call and selling the Jan 12
165 call, a gain of 739.1%!

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spread recos risk-free for 90 days.

Very few trading advisories know the ins and outs
of option spreads, yet they have the potential to
earn you eye-popping profits month after month!

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The Market is on a rollercoaster; but profits are up, Up, UP!

The market been on a rollercoaster ride for the
past several weeks.

While some people are heading for the hills…

… Subscribers to Chuck Hughes Cash Flow Trader
advisory service have been CASHING IN big-time!

Since the market began its most recent sell-off in
late July, Hughes Cash Flow Trader has gobbled
up eye-popping profits of 596%… 444%… 949%…
766%… and 663%.

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Reason: Experienced traders know that markets fall
MUCH faster than they go up. The right trades,
therefore, can make staggering profits in a matter
of weeks.

What more, Chuck trades both sides of the
market. His covered call and option spread
strategies consistently produce five and six-digit
profits for his subscribers in both bull and bear
market conditions.

For example, in just the past few weeks,
subscribers could have pocketed: $14,753.40 from
Chuck recommendation of the Sandisk Jan 12 30
call?and $12,548.40 from an option spread on SINA
(a 398% gain!)

Click here to out Chuck recommendations
RISK-FREE for 90 days.

There is a reason why Chuck has won more
international trading competitions than anyone
else in history. He trades with real money?and he
uses strategies that work in the real world, not
just in computer simulations.

His buy-write (covered call) strategies alone
produce an average monthly income of $144,000.
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the identical trade recommendations.



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Cash Flow Trader is about to go live!

In just a few moments, you can try out the very
same trading strategies Chuck Hughes used to win
not one, but SEVEN global trading championships ?
AND to generate $88,083 per month in actual
profits so far in 2011.

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90 days.

These are the exact same techniques Chuck used to
collect $5,776,807.63 in cash income from selling
option premium over the last three years.

He started out with just a $4,600 trading account.
Within his first two years of trading, he made
over $460,000. As a result, he knows people want
to try out his trading recommendations in demo
accounts BEFORE they risk any upfront capital.

That why he agreed to an unprecedented,
risk-free trial:

You can try out Cash Flow Trader
risk-free for a full 90 days!

Remember, these are the very same trading
recommendations earning huge profits RIGHT NOW, in
2011. If you act quickly, you can begin getting
the very strategies that?

Earned $289,809 in actual, real-money profits in
just two months, April and May of this year.

Produced $1,023,174 in actual profits in just 26
days of trading.

Produced a $402,563 profit in 2008 for his
advisory service members during the biggest stock
crash since 1987 and $1,244,575.20 during the
wreck of 2000-2002.

Could potentially help YOU earn $100,000 in extra
cash income over the next 12 months, starting with
as little as $5,000.

To find out the details, click here.



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Chuck Hughes Student – Nurse learns Cash Flow Trader Strategy ?

In a volatile stock market like we have seen in
recent weeks, many people lose hope.

They begin to doubt that ordinary people can
actually produce significant profits trading.

That why I like you to watch a video made by
one ordinary person who followed Chuck Hughes
Cash Flow Trader system.

Helen was a working nurse with three kids when she
married a man who also had three kids. Suddenly
the mother of six, Helen had to stay home to care
for her brood?but she still had to make money.

She turned to trading. With Chuck help, Helen
learned what works and what doesn’t work. In the
past, she make some money, but then lose it all
in down markets. She was surprised to discover
that she can make money LOT of money crashing

Click here to watch Helen video.

In fact, Helen made $120,000 following my

If you like to find out how you can make
consistent profits, especially in a roller-coaster
market like we have been seeing, then click here.

P.S. The fact is, Chuck is one of the few traders
in the world who makes his trades while everyone
watches over his shoulder. That what happens
when he enters international trading championships
(which he won 7 times, with annual gains of
125%… 225%… even 315%).

He makes his trades while everyone watches in
real-time. Then, at the end of the year, audited
profit results determine who won.  There is no
faking anything in competitions like this. Time
after time, Chuck wins with astonishing annual
gains. That the power of the system he reveals
in his videos.

Below Helen video, you will see reports for two of
Chuck personal, real-money e-Trade accounts from
April 7, 2011 to June 7, 2011. His brokerage
account profit/loss reports show the total profits
for each account.

You can see how, in these two months alone, he
made $180,852 in one account and $108,956 in the
other. He paid total commissions of $3,019.76.

That adds up to $289,809 in total net cash profits
for just two months ?an average of $144,904 per
month in trading income.

Bottom line: Chuck system works. click here to
check it out.

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Chuck Hughes – No losing years… EVER!

If you are like me, you prefer to see the hard

Here are the bare facts about the Chuck Hughes
trading system I have been telling you about:

* He launched his stock and options advisory
service in 1999.

* Since then, his advisory has generated over $5.7
million in trading profits.


Click here to see how he does it.

You know how much money you have today if you
invested $10,000 in an index fund like Vanguard
Total Market Index Fund (VTSMX) over the past 12

Over 12 years, that $10,000 would have grown into
$14,485.26. That a total gross profit of $4,485,
less commissions. That works out to an average
annual return of 3.14%.

Bottom line: I know the stock market has been on a
whipsaw roller coaster ride in recent weeks,
however, it is really, really WORTH IT to learn
how to trade the markets correctly, rather than
just putting all your money in an index fund and
hoping that a rising ride lifts all ships.

Sometimes, the tide turns out to be a financial
tsunami that SINKS all ships (as many investors
have recently discovered).

Click here right now to discover how Chuck
trading system generated profits of over $5.7
million in just 12 years.

P.S.  In his latest video, Chuck gives you his
trading strategies that he used to generate an
average of $88,083.28 per month in extra income so
far in 2011. Watch the video now.

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Beware the 2011 Stock Market Crash?

Many experts believe the global economy is in
SERIOUS trouble.

The question is: Should that change the way you
trade, or not?

Chuck Hughes has a great take on it:

I suspect that they are right, but, as a trader, I
don’t need to know if they are right,?he says.
Why?  Because I don’t rely upon economic analysis
to make my trades!?

He became a seven-time international trading
champion by remaining agnostic on a host of
issues: Whether the market is going to go up or
down? whether gold is overpriced or underpriced?
whether the dollar is in trouble or is going to

This allows Chuck to ignore 99% of what is being
written about the markets by analysts and
so-called experts. Instead, he focuses on the ONLY
thing that matters, and what matters is?

CASH FLOW ?where the money is going!

Click here to see his latest trading video on how
to follow the money.

In this new video, Chuck shows you how he uses the
same little-understood but publicly accessible
DAILY CASH FLOW SIGNAL to collect $5,776,807.63 in
actual cash income over the past three years,
alone. It also how ?

He generated $1,023,174 in actual profits in just
26 days of trading.

His advisory service recommendations produced
only $402,563 in trading profits in 2008 when
the stock market crashed and $1,244,575.20 during
the 2000-2002 wreck, when the S&P 500
plummeted from 1500 to 800.

He started out with just a $4,600 trading account,
and within his first two years of trading, made
over $460,000.

If you think there a secret twist to his trading
strategy, you are right.

Click here to get Chuck $5 million secret
trading strategy.

Again, there is NOTHING hypothetical about any of

In the video and downloads, Chuck shows you his
actual brokerage statements?tax returns?order
confirmations?fills?the whole shebang.

He even has audited profit results showing he won
SEVEN international trading championships ?the
most recent in 2009, with a documented, one-year
return of 122%. Two years earlier, he won with a
one-year gain of 225%!

Once again, you won’t believe your eyes when you
check out his newest video.

P.S. One more cool thing: In this video, Chuck
reveals option trading strategies he uses in his
advisory service that generated $111,380.50 in
profits in January 2011?$13,220.30 in February?
$22,841.40 in March?$26,104.20 in April?
$8,451.96 in May and $31,521.20 in June.

Click here to check it out now.

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Why I’m Sick of Fake Traders

You and I both know there are a lot of FAKES in
the trading biz, especially online.

I, for one, am sick and tired of hypothetical,
pie-in-the-sky trading results for systems and
strategies that do nothing but lose you money in
the real world.

Fortunately, some things CAN’t be faked.

For instance, in 2009, Chuck Hughes won the most
prestigious trading championship in the world with
a one-year gain of 122%.  In 2007, he won it with
an annual gain of 227%.  In fact, he won the
same competition SEVEN times, more than anyone
else in the world.

From 2007 to 2010, during the worst economy since
the Great Depression, he collected $5,776,807.63
in cash income, just from selling option premium.

How does he do it?  Incredibly enough, he relies
upon a super-accurate but little-used trading
signal that lets him instantly gauge if the market
is most likely poised to skyrocket?or plummet to
record-breaking lows.

Click here to see how he does it.

By the way, this is NOT a sales video. You
couldn’t buy anything on this page even if you
wanted to. Even if you are sick to death of
watching videos, you should check this one out.

In times like these, you simply have to know how
to trade volatile markets. This video reveals how
Chuck does everything. It a practical trading

Plus, Chuck lets you see copies of his brokerage
account statements and tax returns so you can see
how his strategy has performed in real-money

Just TWO of his trading accounts have generated
$528,499.68 in actual profits so far in 2011,
which averages out to $88,083.28 per month in

Check it out.  Click here to discover Chuck
simple cash flow indicator and strategy.

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Cash Flow Trader – Crash Proof System Wins 12 Years Straight?

If the recent 500-point swings in the Dow have you
scared or chomping at the bit, there is something
you have to see ASAP.

It a trading system that hasn had a losing
year in the last 12 years of live trading.

In fact, one trader is using this simple but
hugely successful trading strategy to pull in
$88,083 a month in actual cash profits so far in

It all based on a single, simple-to-use but
little understood trading signal.

Click here to see the system.

Think about this: In the last 12 years, we have
lived through the bubble burst AND the
2008 financial crisis ?the worst crash since The
Great Depression?and this trading system was
profitable every single year.

I doubt you will find a more reliable trading signal
or system.

And it so simple, you can literally start using
it in the next few hours after you watch this
video without buying anything.

Click here to get all the details.

If you are like me, you always want to see the LIVE
TRADING results of a system before trying it. You
won’t be disappointed, because on the other side
of that link, you will meet a trader who has used
this trading signal to?

* Win not one, but SEVEN live international
trading championships with annual gains as high as

* Produce $1,023,174 in actual profits in just 26
days of trading, and?

* Start out with just a $4,600 trading account,
and within his first two years of trading, make
over $460,000.

(Here what truly incredible: The trading
signal he uses and reveals in this video is
available FREE on the Internet!)

Click here to check it out now.

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